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What If...? Season 3 Clip Teases A Marvel Villain Team-Up You Never Knew You Wanted

There was a two-year break between the first two seasons of Marvel's "What If...?" However, it seems like the show isn't wasting any time giving fans more Multiversal adventures, as a clip from Season 3 has just landed ahead of the Season 2 finale.

Discussing Film posted the video to X, formerly known as Twitter, and it seems like the episode in question might be "What If... Bucky Barnes and Red Guardian Pulled a Thelma and Louise?" That probably isn't the title, but it does show the two Russian agents evading capture from American authorities, spearheaded by Bill Foster (Laurence Fishburne). Initially, the two try to sweet-talk their way out of any trouble, but it isn't long before the jig is up. A cool car chase ensues, with Bucky shooting at adversaries while Red Guardian drives. 

It's a solid concept, especially considering the potential between a Bucky and Red Guardian team-up. Russian references run aplenty, and their polar opposite personalities make them a delightful odd couple. Considering the positive critical reception to "What If...?" Season 2, it seems like the animated anthology series is staying on the right track. 

Expect an even 'wackier' What If...? Season 3

We've known for a while there would be more "What If...?" to come since San Diego Comic-Con 2022. There are no details of when Season 3 might air, as the end of the clip simply says the new episodes will be "streaming soon." One would imagine they would arrive on Disney+ sooner rather than later, given the release of the scene already. But it appears the creative team wants to keep pushing the boundaries of what's possible with these alternative timeline stories. 

When speaking with Deadline in 2022, "What If...?" director Bryan Andrews discussed how Season 1 was intentionally designed to be a bit more straightforward. Now that it's out of the way, they have a bit more room to play. "Now there's more films and things to pull from, so we don't have to have just a tiny moment," Andrews said. "We can expand out and things can get a little bit wackier. We take it up a notch in season two and then in season three we just go even wackier."

Season 2 had plenty of highlights, from Happy Hogan (Jon Favreau) having his own "Die Hard" adventure to a brand new superhero entering the fray with Kahhori (Devery Jacobs). There are literally infinite possibilities, and an episode centered on the Winter Soldier and Red Guardian should make for a nice appetizer before the "Thunderbolts" movie comes out.