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Quentin Tarantino's Game Of Thrones: This Fan-Made Concept Video Is Unbelievable

It doesn't need repeating that the ending of "Game of Thrones" wasn't that popular among viewers. With that said, it might have ended on a better note had, as this concept video suggests, "Game of Thrones" been placed under the watch of legendary filmmaker Quentin Tarantino. Say Jon Snow knows nothing, we dare you, we double dare you!

By way of artificial intelligence, video creator Yellow Medusa gives us a hi-res hypothetical glimpse into the world of Westeros if it was taken over by the Oscar-winning director. Naturally, dropping the Seven Kingdoms in the hands of the renowned filmmaker comes with everything you'd expect. There's blood, there's F-bombs, and a very choice instrumental that has no place in between dragons and armies of the dead. Nevertheless, we're sure that Mr. Tarantino would make it work. 

Is some of it absolutely bonkers? Well, of course it is! Seven Hells, Samuel L. Jackson playing Jon Snow is enough to scramble our brains, but that didn't stop fans from getting excited about the prospect of seeing George R.R. Martin's epic tale in a brand new style. With all that said, though, there's one casting choice that, even under Tarantino's management, still can't be replaced.

There's still only one Tyrion Lannister

Sharing their thoughts about Yellow Medusa's video, YouTube user Sol1581 commented, "I don't usually support ai but this was a masterpiece." With those remarks in mind, there were certainly some areas of the clip that warranted such a level of praise. Leonardo DiCaprio and Uma Thurman as Jaime and Cersei Lannister make for a perfect new pair, but keeping Maisie Williams as Arya and giving her a Westerosi-style version of The Bride's iconic yellow playsuit from "Kill Bill" is an excellent upgrade. Among the comments, Wmuthoni agreed that "Arya as kill bill that's just the perfect role I imagined for her in a Tarantino movie."

While the likes of Bruce Willis as Stannis Baratheon and Michael Madsen as The Hound were great choices, one name on the credits certainly could be better suited elsewhere. In this version of "Game of Thrones," longtime Quentin Tarantino favorite Christoph Waltz gets the AI alteration for the role of Tyrion Lannister. Now, while there's no doubt that Waltz could master any gig he'd be given, only one man could take on Tyrion, and it's still Emmy-winning star Peter Dinklage.

Besides that, seeing Kit Harington replaced with Samuel L. Jackson as Jon Snow is a move so crazy it just might work. Maybe when Tarantino finally does get to work on his supposed last cinematic outing, he could give us his version of "A Song of Ice and Fire," with added foot close-ups.