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James Bond Star Pierce Brosnan Could Face Jail Time Over Yellowstone Mistake

It's appropriate that Pierce Brosnan starred in a movie called "The Out-Laws," because he's finding himself on the wrong side of the law after a reported incident at Yellowstone National Park.

According to CNN, the former James Bond actor was cited for allegedly walking on November 1 into highly sensitive thermal areas of the park, which is prohibited under federal law and could result in jail time and/or fines. The docket filed against Brosnan on Tuesday, December 26, lists his charges as "Foot travel in all thermal areas and [within] Yellowstone Canyon confined to trails ... and violating closures and use limits." Brosnan has been ordered to appear in court on January 23, 2024. The actor's representatives have not commented on the case, and no plea has been submitted.

Rules against venturing into certain areas of Yellowstone exist for guests' safety. Certain steam vents can reach temperatures up to 275° Fahrenheit, resulting in potentially fatal burns. Fortunately, Brosnan is all right health-wise, which means he'll get to ... die another day

Pierce Brosnan isn't the first to get in hot water at Yellowstone

Pierce Brosnan was filming a new movie called "Unholy Trinity" with Samuel L. Jackson in the Yellowstone area when he allegedly trespassed into the dangerous thermal areas. Depending on how the court case shakes out, it may be the last time Brosnan's allowed in the national park for a while. 

Numerous news stories have surfaced over the years of people wandering where they shouldn't around Yellowstone. In 2019, two men were caught in an off-limits area and sentenced to 10 days in jail, a $540 fine, and a five-year ban from the park (via the National Park Service). Meanwhile, in 2023, K2 Radio reported that a man who also ventured into protected areas of the park wound up with a seven-day jail sentence and a two-year ban. 

While it would be ironic if the fifth actor to play James Bond ended up behind bars, even for a short period, that's still preferable to the alternatives: more than 20 people have died over the years from the scalding hot waters in the park's springs and vents. Brosnan's alleged incident, as well as similar stories, are a good reminder of following the rules and staying far away from geysers. People may not hear about Pierce Brosnan as much these days, but this probably isn't how he wants his name to end up in the news.