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Blue Bloods: In What Episode Does Jamie Go Undercover - And Why?

Portrayed by Will Estes, NYPD Sergeant Jameson "Jamie" Reagan has been a member of the "Blue Bloods" family since the show's inception back in 2010. He's been involved in some exciting cases during his tenure as a police officer in the Big Apple, and a prime example of such an investigation unfolded back in Season 2 of the hit show, when Jamie went undercover to take down some gangsters.

Beginning with Season 2 Episode 5 ("A Night on the Town"), the arc sees Jamie adopt the alias of Jimmy Riordan so he can befriend Noble Sanfino (Eric William Morris) and infiltrate his crime family. However, Season 2 Episode 9 ("Moonlighting") is where the investigation really picks up pace. It sees Jamie tasked with obtaining the syndicate's client list, forcing him to get involved in a stock scam to gain their trust. Tensions arise between "Jimmy" and the Sanfino brothers when he gets caught making out with their sister, which, of course, complicates matters.

"Moonlighting" boasts an impressive 8.0 rating on IMDb, making it one of the season's highest-rated installments. That said, plenty of viewers have highlighted some logical flaws with this storyline.

Some fans have taken issue with Jamie's first undercover storyline

Some "Blue Bloods" fans have a problem with Jamie Reagan's first undercover mission. Why? In short, it boils down to the fact he still works as a beat cop in between his more covert operations. As Redditor u/Miichl noted, he should have been withdrawn from his regular police officer duties to focus on establishing connections and finding a cover gig that makes him useful to the Sanfino family. Otherwise, his true identity could be discovered.

Another Reddit user echoed this sentiment, noting that the storyline is a missed opportunity in the grand scheme of things. They said that the undercover episodes are too few and far between to realize the storyline's full potential. Of course, Jamie Reagan has always been more of a supporting character, which could explain the lack of in-depth storytelling regarding this particular mission.

What's clear is that the undercover mission made people want to see more of Jamie. While he's never been the focal point of the series, some viewers think his arcs have stood out from the pack. "I know the show doesn't really focus on him, but his storylines normally interest me the most," u/Zbrewer80 wrote. "Season 1 with the Blue Templar and now the Mob stuff in Season 2. Give me more Jamie!!"