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Reacher Star Alan Ritchson Suits Up As Batman For James Gunn's DCU In Cool Fan Art

It's clear from the positive reaction Alan Ritchson has received for "Reacher" Season 2 (whose audience surpassed Season 1's in just three days) that the world wants more of him. One role that both he and the fans have their eye on next is the Caped Crusader in James Gunn's developing DC Universe, with Ritchson himself admitting that he wants to replace Ben Affleck as the DCU's Batman. Now, thanks to some stunning artwork from Hasan Kazi (@imaginativehk), we've got a good look at how that could turn out.

Presented both in and out of the cowl, Kazi's Ritchson looks a little rough around the edges as opposed to his eponymous clean-shaven character on "Reacher" but is just as intimidating, donning a Batsuit with the same kind of style and grading as the one the Dark Knight wears in the "Batman: Arkham" games. Unfortunately, the only connection between Ritchson and the role is fan enthusiasm, with Andy Muschietti's "The Brave and the Bold" still without its cave-dwelling do-gooder, so for now, we can only hold out hope that Gunn, Muschietti, and the DCU-making powers that be hear their pleas.

Fans want to reunite Serinda Swan and Alan Ritchson as Batman and Catwoman

Shortly after Season 2's debut, an outcry began that Alan Ritchson's "Reacher" co-star Serinda Swan is an equally ideal fit for Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman, especially since Jack Reacher and Karla Dixon display stupid amounts of chemistry on the show. Swan joined in on the fun on Instagram, captioning a joint point with digital creator Kode Abdo, "Cats [sic] out of the bag? @bosslogic killing it [with] this art." The images, which have over 40,000 likes, show the star in diamonds and a variation of the Catwoman outfit.

While there's been no talk of casting calls for the Bat, or indeed the Cat, neither actor is any stranger to the DC universe, having already dabbled in it in the past. Though they never appeared on-screen together, both Swan and Ritchson had roles on the Superman prequel series "Smallville" as Zatanna Zatara and Arthur Curry, aka Aquaman, respectively.

With that in mind, James Gunn and Andy Muschietti could take fans' advice and set up another reunion. The actors have spent a few weeks taking down fictional henchmen, so why not have them do more of the same, just with both of them wearing all black and pointy ears?